The Perms Are Back!


The perm is back ya’ll, and it’s better than ever.

Not your typical 80’s curly q’s, but wouldn’t you love beach wave curls every day?

Now you can!

For those of you with fine hair who go beyond to make your hair hold a curl — this one’s for you.


Here’s some Do’s and Don’ts if your considering a perm.


  • consult with your stylist what type of curl you are looking to achieve.
  • find a stylist who is trained and does perms regularly
  • have a conversation with your stylist the size of the rod he/she will be using
  • communicate on what exactly a perm is
  • what type of perm product they will be using on you ; it’s considered a chemical service!



  • do NOT pursue this if you have damaged or ultra-fine hair
  • do NOT do this if you have scalp abrasions, a disease, or if you have had your hair chemically straightened.
  • do NOT try this one at home, let the professionals handle it


So did we convince you?

Call our stylist Nikki today
She is a well-trained perm stylist in our salon
mention this blog post and receive $5 off your perm service

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