The Benefits Of Monthly Pedicures


Let’s face it! Exposing your toes should not be that hard if you have gorgeous nails, right?Even in the colder weather, you should still be able to show them off. And the benefits of monthly pedicures will payoff all winter long prepping you just in time for spring break!

Our feet deserve pampering because we use our feet with most of our daily activities. Our feet also carry around all our weight, adding up to the stress they are experiencing everyday! Having monthly pedicures not only make your nails pretty, but also give you way more health and beauty benefits than you expected!

Here are Three Benefits of Getting Monthly Pedicures:

Improves circulation – Pedicures include a massage for your feet and your legs, helping you to relax and release the tension. That soothing massage helps the circulation, which aids in releasing toxins and stimulating your blood flow.

Exfoliation – Removing dead skin from your feet boost new cell growth. Going the extra mile and applying moisturizer will even leave your feet feeling clean and refreshed.

Prevention of foot problems – Fungal infections are a no-no! Having regular pedicures detect some early signs of these conditions.

We can make your toes look pretty and you can get all of these benefits, at the same time!
Book an appointment now and let us take care of the rest!

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