Top 5 Hair Colors To Consider This Winter

Winter is Boring. There we said it. And that’s exactly why it’s the perfect time to get creative and spice things up with your hair color.

We are seeing a great mix of both natural and artificial hair color patterns this winter. The start of a new season is a good chance to add more elements to your existing hair color.

So let’s get down to it – here are the top 5 hair colors you that will make you want to call your hairdresser RIGHT NOW.

Cherry Red:


The perfect spicy color scheme for winter. Feeling Bold? This is the perfect for you!

Caramel Brown:


A deep base paired with amazing caramel blonde through the remaining hair creates an amazingly warm look for Winter. 

Rose Gold:


The perfect in between of doing something out of the ordinary but keeping it natural looking.

Snow Queen:


Channel your inner white queen with these icy shades. 

This hair color may take a while to get to and can definitely be a little harsh on your hair.

Ashy Blonde:


Take your blonde to the next level This style kicks off with a classic color and gets lighter towards the ends.

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