5 Ways To Fix A Bad Hair Day

Its plain and simple. We’ve all been there. Waking up and knowing that today is going to be an awful hair day and it always comes at the most inconvenient time.

We can do everything in our power to prevent them but sometimes they are inevitable. As females sometimes we even take it to the next level. We go through the tragic stages that men just won’t ever understand. We panic, stress, cry and just say to heck with it all…I’m going back to bed!

But before you give up on your day we’’ve got some solutions to help turn your hair life back around.  Because hair is everything to us! And its the crown you never take off.

First things first, take a deep breath!

Walk away from the bathroom mirror, grab another cup of coffee and finish your makeup. Sometimes we can get overly flustered that we can’t see a solution because all we really want to do is go Britney Spears on our hair and shave it off! So find that saving grace we like to call dry shampoo and lets face this hair dilemma head on!

Change your part:

This is the quickest and easiest solutions that can take seconds. Just change it from your usual. Once you have the part in mind, throw that dry shampoo you grabbed earlier do a quick spray and grab your blow dryer. Using a low airflow, direct your hair in the new direction creating a new part. Finish it with a finishing spray such as Elevate by Eufora insuring no movement will be made.

Embrace the mess:

The great thing about a bad hair day is that your hair is already a mess. Two great alternatives to help you get passed this morning of disaster. From a messy top knot, to a messy fishtail braid. Again, using your dry shampoo will add both volume and texture while getting rid of the oils. This will create a hold for any messy style.

Ponytails fix everything:

Ah that trusted and beloved ponytail, it’s our constant life saver working in a salon! We can promise that about 85% of the time our hair is thrown up into a pony. We may not have ourselves put together, but that’s the great thing about a ponytail; it’s so versatile that it can be worn absolutely everywhere!

Pull out the headband:

You bought them forever ago, and have been looking for the perfect time to wear them. Well today’s the day girlfriend. Grab that accent piece and throw the rest of it in a top knot. Call the shots, its time to just accept that headbands will always have our backs.

Start over:

Sometimes you just have to do it. You’ve done all that you can and nothing is working the way you want it to.  The biggest cause of a bad hair day is lived in hair! This comes from excess oils weighing down the hair or from sleeping in a funky position and waking with major bed head. So sometimes rinsing off without even shampoo and conditioner can help you have a fresh canvas without adding oils to your hair.


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