Blue Vs. Purple Shampoo

Keeping blondcolor-wheel-300.gife highlights beautiful can be a challenge. Color shampoo can make your highlights looking salon fresh while prolonging trips back to your appointment.

However, all color shampoos are not created equal. The key is to use the right color to counteract your hair’s undertones.

Today's Questions You May Be Having
  1.  What color shampoo should I be using?
  2. How do I use it? And How many times should I be applying it?

What you should be using…

First you need to know the undertones of your hair. Don’t ever be afraid to ask your stylist what undertones you have if you aren’t sure. It will help determine which shampoo best fits your hair, and how to break those unwanted tones.

Let’s break it down for you:

  • Blonde highlights, you most likely have light to dark brown hair. If your hair has more orange or brassy tones, you will need the blue shampoo.
  • If you have more yellow undertones, you’ll need purple. Purple also works for gray hair.

1aaaeb4f9801ef9ad61ee4209cbbdeadProducts We Recommend:

Sudzz color shampoo is called Blonde Ambition. It is a blue based shampoo to help with those stubborn undertones that are more orange and brassy that you can’t seem in eliminate.



Tressa Watercolors has a great line of color shampoos. We suggest using their purple shampoo to help those blondes that are naturally blonde but looking to get rid of that golden yellow tone.


How to use it..

Put a small amount in your palm and work through hair. Don’t worry if some gets on your shower floor, it will wash off. Let the shampoo absorb for a few minutes and then wash and condition.  We recommend using it between two-three times a week to start out. *Remember each client is different, so talking to your stylist is highly recommended.

Sometimes the desired tone you are looking for can take several applications. This is just a great start to help you and your stylist achieve that desired tone you’ve always wished for.


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