How Often Do I Need A Haircut?


We’ve all heard it once or twice the haircut rule is every six weeks. But we also know that some of the chicest women only like to get their hair cut a few times a year or none for that matter. But if we are being honest, some people actually don’t need to be coming in as often as they think they should.

So we decided to get to the bottom of things once and for all.


How long can a style hold up without getting a trim?

Do infrequent trimmings take a toll on your hair’s health?

If I don’t get a haircut every six weeks, what are some other remedies I can do to help my hair grow in between my appointments?

Short Structured Cut: Between three to seven weeks.
Healthy Medium to Long: Three to four times a year.
Any sign of Damage: Eight weeks. ( If hair is more prone to split ends or has had chemical treatment damage done, eight weeks will restore those ends back to health. )
Natural Curly Course Hair: Between six to twelve weeks.
Virgin Hair: Twelve weeks.


Infrequent Trimming: Sometimes trimming too often can lead to frustration because of lack of growth. On the other hand, trimming too infrequently can lead to splits and breakage which can also lead to lack of overall growth, an unhealthy appearance, and leave you wearing your hair up more often simply because you don’t like the way your hair looks.

Products we recommend helping you achieving strong healthy hair can be found below.


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Products can be purchased right in our salon!


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