The Real Difference Between Color Techniques

Welcome to our first blog post!

We are so excited to add this portion to our website to give everyone some insight on what a hairstylist & spa technician lifestyle is. Not only will it benefit you, but it will give us a better feel for what you want to see and hear to help us grow in education.

First things first. Are you asking for the right type of service?

We know some people walk into a salon not knowing a single term, treatment, or idea on what they may be looking for. We always let clients know that we love photos. Proper consultation and communication is huge with us as well. It will help both parties get right down to the basics.

Today our main focus for you is the real difference between all the color techniques. So when it comes down to color services knowing what to properly ask for to get the desired outcome.

Balayage: The process of painting on highlights directly to the hair without using foil. With this technique, the colored sections will be placed artfully around the head, delivering the look of naturally sun-kissed strands.
Highly recommended for clients who are looking for LOW MAINTENANCE COLORING.




Foiling: Using foils for either highlighting and lowlighting. Foils are ideal for achieving the most lift and for a more uniform look with color that starts at the root.

{ Some stylist do combine both Balayage and Foiling together to give the client a more multi dimensional look }






Color Correction: Any time you need to drastically fix a bad color or you want to drastically change your color.

Glaze/Gloss/Toner: All the same—just different ways of saying it. Applied after color, this treatment leaves hair shiny and with the color in the proper tone of the desired shade.


Whats your color technique choice?



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